To ensure your outfits look cohesive with our painterly look, it is important to follow our dress code

The Artage Dress Code

As a specialty studio, our background and lighting are precisely designed to render your portrait as an exquisite piece of art. It is important for the success of your portrait that certain styles and colours of clothing be used, while avoiding other styles and colours.

We ask that you dress formally. This will become the most elegant portrait you will possess in your lifetime. In general, we ask that you wear dark or jewel-toned clothing as to keep the light reflecting on the face and eyes; not the clothing. Our contoured lighting, and specialized background does not work well with white or bright/busy colors. Wearing similar colours as a family exudes a sense of togetherness and warmth.

Having done thousands of portraits, our experience suggests that the following works best:


American Transparent.png


  • Dark/ jewel-toned (black, blues, burgundy) or softer colours (lavender, light blue or blush).  No loud or busy patterns like polka dots, big stripes, plaid etc. Classic jewellery such as diamonds, pearls, etc. are encouraged, as well as any jewellery that has been passed down in the family.


  • Dark jacket and pants (tuxedo or suit),  with a light shirt and tie to coordinate with the family.

        We recommend freshly shaven facial hair (unless growth is desired).

Young Ladies

  • Solid dresses are preferred, in dark or pastel colours. Ivory, cream, or off-white are also acceptable. 

Young Boys

  • Same as men’s dress code or a solid dark sweater.  Younger boys may wear a white shirt with

        a bow tie.


  • If anyone is passionate about an instrument, other than a piano, please bring it.

  • A separate image can be captured of children in ballet, riding & polo clothing.

A Word About Children

Children must be two years of age to participate unless they are with an adult in the pose - then the child can be as young as 8 months old or able to sit unassisted.