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Our Gift for Your Gift


Frame Your 14" Portrait

$395   $675.00

20 Portrait Upgrade.png

Double the Size of

your Portrait to a

20" Portrait

$995   $2000.00

20 Frame and Portrait Upgrade.png


Double the Size of Your

Portrait AND Frame it 

$995   $2850.00

Your Questions Answered

What size is the portrait in the BEST VALUE offer?

It is a 20" portrait, more than double the size of the 14" gift portrait.


Why do you say 20" is double the size of 14"?

Because it is!  Our gift size is 14" x 11" or 156 square inches but our 20" portrait is 20" x 16" or 320 square inches.  Not only is this more than double the size, but it also means that the faces and crucially the eyes will be more than twice the size.  This adds tremendous impact to your portrait and ultimately your family's legacy.


What are the measurements of the portraits?

Our 14" gift size is 14" x 11" (156 sq in) and our 20" is 20" x 16" (320 sq in).  We also offer a 24" (24" x 20" or 480 sq in) or a 30" (30" x 24" or 720 sq in)


Can I make the portrait bigger than 20"?

Yes, you can buy an extra Double the Size of your Portrait ($395) and you move up one more size.  With each additional purchase, you move up one more size.  Sizes are 14", 20", 24" or 30".

Do you recommend the Gold or Champagne finish?

Gold frames have been the standard for centuries because gold brings out the warmth of your skin tones.  Our European gold is a very soft gold and the frame is finished with a brushed patina finish.  It's complimentary to modern and traditional decors.  The Champagne finish is also quite striking.  It's silver but still has gold hues and is also finished with a brushed patina finish.


I assume that when I buy the frame, you are also framing my artwork?

Yes, with this one purchase, you get the frame, framing of the artwork, and delivery to your home.  When it arrives it will be ready to hang.


Can I buy a picture light or nameplate for my frame?

Yes, we offer a picture light for $250 and/or a nameplate for $150.  Please contact us directly to order these.  If you would like the nameplate professionally installed, you must order it soon after ordering the frame.



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